Learn How To Turn Your Calabasas Home Bathroom Into A Sauna

    Saunas have been for centuries used in the provision of therapeutic health. They are believed to facilitate in the improvement of your circulation and also provides muscle relief and relaxation to those who partake in strenuous activities such as working out at the gym.

Today, thousands of individuals head to recreational facilities such as health spas and gyms in order to sit down and relax in a sauna. But, with a bit of creativity and ingenuity, it is now possible to actually convert your bathroom into a sauna room as well.

Here’s what you need to do:

Home Bathroom Into A Sauna

Step One: Select The Location

When looking to choose the right location for your sauna, you need to be in a location where it can’t be damaged by any moisture. The task of fixing a sauna in your bathroom needs a great bit of attention, plastic, as you know, can wrap while metals gets hot under heat.  You don’t just want any contractor creating your bathroom/sauna conversion, you want the best bathroom remodel contractor Calabasas for the job.

Step Two: Insulating The Room

Cotton comes highly recommended for carrying out this task. It is both eco-friendly and a great means of attaining insulation. The trick here is that you can’t use conventional cotton. This will not cut it as it needs to be heat treated so as to be able to withstand the temperatures.

Step Four: Construction

Most saunas are usually constructed using cedar wood. This wood is ideal as it does not crack when hot and neither does it expand excessively due to the hot steam. If you are planning to use nails on the sauna, it is advisable that you cover the nails with a thin layer of wood over the head. This is to ensure that the metallic parts of the nails are properly covered also and you don’t get a severe burn on them.  Again, any reliable bathroom remodeling contractor in Calabasas will be able to assist with the proper planning.

Step Four: Seating

Since time immemorial, the golden rule when constructing the seating area in a sauna has always been never use metals.  A wooden bench always does the trick. Never use leftover and untreated wood within the sauna. This wood may absorb sweat over time.

Step Five: Setting Up The Wooden Stove

In-order to build a burning stove; you might use a gas cylinder from the junk yard. Loop off the top using a grinder the fit in a metallic bucket, cut a thatch and finally fit the flue. The stones used in the heating saunas are usually full of dark minerals such as granite. For optimum conditions, you may consider using soap stones, they heat twice as fast and stores heat for longer periods of time.