Adding A Second Story To Your House

Room addition to your home is a viable option if you need to expand your home on a small land.  At times it makes more sense to build upward instead of outward. There are various factors that you need to take into consideration when making decision about room addition to your house.

Get Permit from Local Authorities

Contact your local authorities and ensure that local zoning and building codes allow for second story additions.  There are certain norms about how structures are built in certain areas. Therefore, it is important to get a clearance from local authorities.

Adding A Second Story To Your House

Contact Architecture and Constructor

 Contact an architect for a foundation inspection.  The foundation and supporting walls must be able to handle the weight of a second story, even if it is a single or two rooms. The architect will give you advice on the feasibility of the project. You need to contact contractors to get an idea about the cost per squire for building a new floor. The contractor must be familiar with the codes where the home is located as well as being licensed in that jurisdiction.

Create a Design

After taking structural solidity into account, you can get an architectural plan created. Consult a plumber if you want to add a bathroom and an electrician for lighting. Adding the whole story is mainly influenced by your original floor design and house foundation. Once these professional consultations are complete you can begin real planning.

Calculate the Cost of Construction

With the plan in your hand, you can make an estimate of the total cost that might be involved in constructing a second floor to your home.  This must include roof remodeling cost, putting in a new slab, flooring, plumbing, roofing, electrification and adding every other necessary amenity.  The major deciding factor will be labor cost and of course cost of building materials.  Make sure you keep variance of 15% to 25% for increase in costs, which might appear due to contingencies.

Actually, with the plan in hand, availability of funds, permits from local authorities and hiring of professional contractors, you are ready to start room addition construction.  You can relocate your family to some place until the construction job finishes. Ensure you have a planned building schedule and see to it that construction run according to the plan. Remember, adding a second story building offers an enhanced feeling of ownership and pride in your home, so take the advantage.